Use the three links below to learn about the Fetch - Decode - Execute cycle

In your books: Describe the fetch - decode - execute cycle. Use diagrams to support your description.

Date, Title & Objectives

Date =
Title = Instructions
  • explain how instructions are coded as bit patterns
  • explain how the computer distinguishes between instructions and data

Key Words - Just write these down and leave space for later
  • Instruction set
  • Opcode
  • Operand


Write these questions down and then answer them during the video:
  1. What are opcodes and operands?
  2. In what form is the information in the opcode and operand encoded?

Complete the worksheet below. Start with page 2 (question 4) and then complete page 1

Use these links to help (You also have a booklet containing all the information!)


Key Words

Complete learn for Instructions keywords on Quizlet
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