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Computers in the modern world

Use the Internet to find stories about computer systems failures
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11B1 -

Importance of computers research questions - Answer in your books

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  1. Find the dates when the following occurred.
    1. The first mobile phone call.
    2. The first digital compact discs on the market.
    3. The first digital satellite television broadcast.
    4. The first terrestrial television service.
    5. The first portable mp3 player.
    6. The first iPod.
    7. The first website.
  2. Mobile phones were invented to allow people to make voice calls but have developed to provide services offered by other devices – a process that is called convergence. List the extra functions provided by smartphones.
  3. List the advantages of a digital television service over an analogue one.
  4. List the positive effects of the increased use of computer systems on education.
  5. How has the increased use of computer systems affected business organisations?
  6. There is a growing ‘digital divide’. List the ways in which a limited access to computer systems can affect peoples’ lives

The increased use of computer systems has changed the ways in which people interact with each other.
Explain how developments in hardware and software have affected the ways in which people communicate with each other.

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